Coach Wood

President: George McClain
Vice President: Frank Sippel
Treasurer: Joe Baruffi
Secretary: Paul Spinelli
Interpreter: Bill Martin
Coordinator of Cadets: Dr. Joe Rossi

The Executive Board would like to welcome you to the website of South Jersey Basketball Officials Board 196 IAABO Inc. Members are recruited from the following counties: Atlantic, Cape May, Cumberland, Salem and Southern Gloucester Counties.

We attempt to continue to update information on the page as given by the officers of the Association, to keep our members up to date on current issues. This website was designed with our membership and future membership in mind. This forum is in a constant state of change to keep you informed.

From the Desk of the President

      We have many hurdles to overcome, but the most important challenges ahead are to restore the relationships we had with our estranged official’s and to repair the relationships we have with our schools, and the retention and recruitment of new membership. We must support the use of officiating education technology to provide new information and modern tools to advance the game of basketball. We must adopt presentation methods embraced by our new generation of officials and potential candidates. The addition of online training and testing for candidates will help us with the next wave of recruits who will someday occupy our positions and chair our committees. We must motivate and provide examples to our younger members about inspirational leadership and effective organization. We must engage and help them see the meaning and importance of a well-run chapter. We must visualize and implement programs which produce highly trained and devoted referees who thirst for greater rules knowledge and enhanced mechanical performance. I seek a blend of veteran members and our youth for appointments to my committees to help generate a new culture for the future. I request your assistance in this area. Last but not least, your commitment to getting into shape and staying in form, by maintaining year round cardio and physical fitness, and enhancing your mechanics and rules knowledge will go a long way in effectively servicing and retaining our schools and contracts in the 2019-2020 season and beyond. BD 196 NJ basketball is a year round commitment to High School officiating excellence.

George McClain-President Bd. 196



Williamstown High - Mandatory Meeting
Varsity Officials - Mandated
NJSIAA and State Tourn.

October XX, 2019 7:00 p.m.
Vineland High - Business Meeting
This is for all non-varsity officials

November XX, 2019 7:00 p.m.
Wildwood High - Interpretation
Bring forms if available.

November XX, 2019
All forms are due

January XX, 2020 1:00 p.m.
Business Meeting

March X, 2020 1:00 p.m.
Thunderbolt Club - Business/Election/Lunch


Forms Needed: (Due by Thanksgiving)
  • Waiver Form
  • Refresher Test
  • Concussion Test, See Below.
  • New members, Anti-Discrimination form from the Constitution
  • All members:
    Must have a new concussion certification. Go online to NFHSlearn and take the test download or print a copy and make sure the Secretary receives a copy of it. All forms must be turned in by Thanksgiving to be eligible to work for the season. IAABO insurance is voluntary. Cost is $10.00 for a year and this money is due to the secretary by March 1 of every season if you want insurance and game reimbursement

    Please prepare your calendar for the season on the Arbiter. If you have any questions call the Secretary at 856-691-4816 and he/she will get back to you.

Know the Rules

Important Paperwork For You, Our Officials


Interested in becoming a South Jersey Basketball Official?


Cadet Registration Form

MEETINGS:          Dates Coming Soon

Interested in becoming a basketball official?
Call 856-691-4816 and we will return your call.

Explantion of Process:
  The rules course is now an online course. The cost is $50.00, you will have a mentor. Once you call the number we will take your e-mail address and e-mail you the information. Once you pass the rules test you will be contacted by us to attend a four week mechanics clinic. This clinic takes place at Landis Junior High School in Vineland, NJ. The cost is $100.00. When you complete the course you will take a mechanics floor test to become a certified official.

   Your first few years you will officiate Recreational, Freshman, and Junior Varsity basketball, until you rate high enough to officiate a Varsity game.